Piaśnica Museum has new collection of photographs


The Piaśnica Museum has now a collection of 16 photographs related to Witold Taraszkiewicz, a Second Polish Republic police officer from Gdynia murdered in the forests near Piaśnica. The pictures have been donated by the City Hall of Gdynia.

They show Witold Taraszkiewicz and other policemen of unknown identity. The other pictured individuals are most probably members of the officer’s family.

Witold Taraszkiewicz was born in Vilnius. In the 1930s he was ordered to serve in the Police Headquarters in Gdynia. In November 1939 he was executed by firing squad in Piaśnica, together with other police officers from Gdynia.

Since 2007 the town of Gdynia has been implementing a project the purpose of which is to determine the number of killed people and the size of material losses suffered by the town during World War II. Many town inhabitants who had rendered great services to the local community were murdered in Piaśnica. Amongst them there were also police officers from Gdynia. Pictures of one of them, Mr. Witold Taraszkiewcz, were delivered to the City Hall by a granddaughter of his neighbor, who had tried in vain to hand them over to the policeman’s family sought in Vilnius. Those in charge of the project on the part of the City Hall in Gdynia also made attempts at finding Mr. Taraszkiewicz’s relatives, but to no avail. The Piaśnica Museum will continue gathering any information on the police officer.

One of the goals of the Piaśnica Museum is to restore the remembrance of the victims of mass executions that were conducted in Piaśnica, and to get to know as many names of the murdered, as possible. Therefore, since the day it was established the Museum has been appealing for submitting any information pertaining to the massacre in Piaśnica and to its victims.



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