Major Edward Łakomy’s Birth Anniversary


10 October 1894 was the birth date of Major Edward Łakomy, who was murdered in Piaśnica. According to an account by prison officer Herbert Schramm, Major Edward Łakomy, who before his execution saw children murdered in Piaśnica, jumped at one of the executioners, Hans Söhn, and broke his arm in a fight. Immediately after the incident Edward Łakomy was put before a firing squad.

Edward Łakomy came from Greater Poland. He was expelled from a junior secondary school for supporting an anti-Prussian strike of schoolchildren in Września. He took the secondary school graduation exam without being enrolled for classes. During World War I he fought as a voluntary member of Polish Legions. Then he took part in the Polish-Soviet War. For his excellent service he was awarded the ‘Polska Swojemu Obrońcy’ (Poland to her Defender) medal. He was a teacher at the training school for non-commissioned officers of the 41st Independent Infantry Regiment in Suwałki. After retirement, he moved with his family to Wejherowo. In 1935 he became the wójt (administrator) of the Wejherowo Wieś commune. Just before the German troops encroached on Wejherowo on 8 September 1939, he went to Gdynia to submit official documents to a Government Office. After his detainment, he was put in a prison in Gdańsk, and then in Wejherowo. He was subsequently executed by firing squad in the forests near Piaśnica. During an disinterment in 1946 the remains of Major Łakomy were found in grave No. 1. His family moved his body to the cemetery at 3 Maja Street in Wejherowo.

Based on: Bojarska B., Piaśnica, Wejherowo 2009. Osowicka R., Wejherowskie Powązki (Cemetery for the People of Merits in Wejherowo), Wejherowo 2014. Osowicka R., Bedeker wejherowski (Wejherowo Guidebook), Gdańsk 2002.



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